Before the creation of the Hang-O-Matic, it was nearly impossible to hang a picture or a shelf on the wall perfectly straight.

One day, Karina was left in charge of decorating her home office and decided to hang a shelf on the wall. After leaving multiple holes in the wall and not getting the nails to match up with the key holes on the back of the shelf, she and her husband Jared were both frustrated. Not only did they have to take multiple trips to the hardware store, but they then needed to patch and repaint the wall to get it ready to try hanging the shelf again. Luckily, Jared took over and successfully hung it in one try.

After the shelf was up, Karina began decorating and put her irreplaceable snow globe on the shelf-surface—she received it from her in-laws, and they customized it to play their wedding song from the 70’s—needless to say it held a lot of sentimental value. Before she could finish decorating, the snow globe fell, shattered to pieces, and water spilled everywhere. They didn’t understand what had gone wrong, as the shelf appeared to be straight. They had to make yet another trip to the hardware store to purchase a level and quickly realized that the shelf was off by just a fraction of an inch.

That was when they thought that there had to be a better way.


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