Many companies in Mag Instrument’s position would succumb to the temptation to “outsource” their flashlight manufacturing. Some would lay off their American manufacturing workers and move their factories to low-wage countries, becoming importers into, rather than exporters from, the United States. Other flashlight companies would lay off their American manufacturing workers and would quit the difficult field of manufacturing altogether: They would choose instead to be mere marketers and middlemen, taking orders from customers on one hand while, on the other hand, giving orders to contract manufacturers in low-wage countries to make flashlights for them. Those flashlights, made “offshore,” would then be purchased from the foreign company and imported into the United States, to be bought at retail by those Americans fortunate enough to still have jobs.

This scenario is anything but far-fetched. In fact, every supplier of flashlights with a significant U.S. market share now manufactures all or most of its flashlights outside the United States. Every one, that is, except Mag Instrument.

Among significant suppliers of flashlights to the U.S. market, Mag Instrument is unique in its commitment to U.S.-based manufacturing.


Footprint Products Limited is very dominant in the retail consumer market, and we hold highest market share in Canada on some of our product categories.